Personal Protection Training

Von Jäger K9 offers Protection Canines for sale and will evaluate your canine for protection training.

Protective behavior in dogs is not a bad thing.  A protective dog is doing what comes naturally to help – surveying his surroundings and determining if things are threats and how to neutralize them.  Dog owners that want to reduce protective behavior in their dogs are actually asking about how to reduce aggressive behavior.  VON JÄGER K9 produces canines that are not merely aggressive but confident protectors.  We are prepared to evaluate a current canines as well and offer training if the potential is there.


A protective nature isn’t something that needs to be trained out of a dog. In fact, they’re doing their job as a member of the pack.  Dogs are pack animals (according to the most popular theory), and part of a pack animal’s duty is to ensure that the rest of the pack is safe.

Many dogs have a strong protective drive ingrained into their instinctive core, and that’s okay.  The problem most people have is having a dog that is aggressive.  It’s important to understand the difference.


Constant Vigilance - Immediate Focus on New Stimuli in the Environment - Alert but Calm Stance - Moving Between Owner and Possible Threat - Growling or Barking at Perceived Threats - Return to Normal if no threat is perceived

Personal Protection Canines are not attack dogs! They are trained to bite a threatening subject only and the bite is either initiated by the acts of the handler or the threat.  Personal Protection Canine training is based on the abilities and personality of the canine and will remain fluid throughout the training process.


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