Detection Deployment Services


Canine Detection Services

Let Von Jäger K9 conduct narcotics and explosive detection sweeps for you homes, businesses, places of worship and venues.  We hold our detection K9's to the highest standards and stand by their ability to detect the presence of unwanted contraband and potential explosive materials.  Our involvement will be discrete, quick and professional leaving you with the peace of mind of knowing what is or is not located within the deployment area.


  • Narcotics/Explosive Detection

    • School Deployment Multiple Sites - Starting at $600 a day per K9 Team (for the duration of school day or completion of required locations) Includes 15 min per hour K9 Break Time. Duration will be estimated during initial walk through of desired detection areas. 
    • Venue/School Hourly Deployment - $95 an hour per K9 Team. Includes Presence Patrol.
    • Facility Deployment - Starting at $700 a day per K9 Team (Maximum 6 hours with breaks)
    • Private Single Discretion Deployment - $100 per K9 Team or negotiable rate based on duration. 
  • Mileage fee for deployments further than 20 miles from Von Jäger K9 facility.  Calculated at $0.65 per mile.

Annual Contracts Available For:

- On-Call Deployments
- K9 Program Set Up
- K9 Handler Training

Contact for more information.