Von Jäger K9 is a veteran owned and operated


The Von Jäger K9 training philosophy is based on techniques that were not merely learned from a course but discovered through actual handling experience. Donovan Hunter (Owner/Trainer) has 16 years of experience handling and training working dogs as a Military Special Operations Multipurpose K9 handler (US ARMY AIRBORNE RANGER, 75th RGR RGMT), a Narcotics K9 Interdiction Officer in one of the largest cities in the United States (Austin, Texas, Organized Crime Division/Street Narcotics), Head Trainer and Director of the once O-Gah-Pah Pride Kennel, and current CLEET/NNDDA certified K9 handler for the Grove Police Department. To handle a K9 is the most fulfilling yet educational experience that a "dog person" can have. We understand that Mankind and Dogs have learned to coexist in a social setting - bonding as a "pack" naturally over time, but true obedience goes beyond just having a relationship "that works".  We use the techniques that work for your specific dog.  Every dog is different, and every owner or department has unique needs and expectations. WE ARE NOT TRAINING A DOG FOR US... WE ARE TRAINING A DOG FOR YOU.  Von Jäger obedience is the union between a dog's inherent drives and the behavior desired by its handler. Our goal is to establish the pet owner as a dog handler while not disturbing an appropriate coexistence between the two.

What's in a Name

The Von Jäger name most literally translates: "From Hunter" This translation was appropriately chosen because we stand by our service and the product our clients receive. Donovan Hunter puts his name on his brand.

If a client is asked:

"Where did this dog come from?"

"Who trained this dog?"

"Where did you get your training?"

The answer is simply...

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